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Custom-made HD Animated Video Backgrounds

Need distinctive graphics for your productions?
E-spaces creates unique looks to your specifications.

The popping, eye-catching, modern, lively, pro visual splendor of E-spaces' animated backgrounds are used by TV professionals all over the world. Station call logo animations, lower thirds, titles... name it. Anything to make your work look its very best. We think with you to devise the most efficient strategies and tactics to achieve your communication goals.

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Drop of water looping 3d animation background for video, computer generated modeling NTSC PAL Hi Def E-spaces Animated Backgrounds Show Reel

  Download Animation (.wmv) - 31.3 Mb
  Download Animation (.mov) - 32.4 Mb

We produced Cyber Journeys, an best-selling set of 33 animated HD / SD backgrounds, published through royalty-free footage vendor.

The digital content creation of the full set was rendered in Hi-Def at 1920x1080, seamlessly looping, Progressive Field Rendering, in NTSC and PAL.

Screenshots Highlighting E-spaces Backgrounds

Christmas Animated Backgrounds

Christmas animted backgrounds Collection of animatated backgrounds for theChristmas Holidays

Christmas 3D Animations

Glide noiselessly with Santa in his magical sleigh drawn by eight tiny reindeer. Visit quaint, cozy villages nestled in snow and aglow with joy of Christmas. See shimmering Christmas trees, radiant in the dark forest. Gaze in wonder as jolly old Saint Nick streams a silvery Christmas greeting across the sky. These are only a few of the things you can do with our broadcast quality Christmas 3D Animations.

Royalty free Christmas 3D animation clip
Christmas Clip 3D Animation
Animated Christmas Card
Animated Christmas Card

Greenland Ice Cap Melting, Global Warming Animation. Royalty Free footage clip art video high def  3d picture image computer animationGreenland Ice Cap Melting
Global Warming Animation

Royalty Free Global Warming Animation. Available in HDTV (1920 x 1080) and SDTV resolutions.

To purchase & immediately download animation please visit our online store.

american flag animated video background looping 4 july united states flag Royalty Free footage clip art video high def us usa 3d picture image computer animationAnimated American Flag Background HD

Royalty Free American flag looping animated background. For US Election shows, USA holidays like 4th of July etc. Available in HDTV (1920 x 1080) and SDTV resolutions.

To purchase & immediately download animated background please visit our online store.

US flag background HDTV preview still
animated star background computer animationAnimated Star Background

A flight through starfields. This looping animation is prerendered and available for purchase in high definition and standard resolution.

Seamless looping geodesic crystal background animated background for video editing computer generated render in NTSC PAL Hi DefBlue crystal

A gleaming blue geodesic crystal turns counter-clockwise in the foreground; amorphous rectangular shapes dimly visible behind.

Standards Available: Hi-Def (1080p30)
Rendering: Progressive
Computer generated Electronic tonnel animation background modeling for NTSC PAL Hi Def Electronic conduit

A dizzying digital conduit opens through a cylinder of green and gold electronic parts. Dark chasms gape unexpectedly. Black alcoves glimpsed as we fly along.
Digital City Flight Through looping 3d animated background generated and modeled in Hi Def Digital City at Night

The swift flight passes between and over radiant skyscrapers of a fantastic city by night. All in shades of blue and indigo, the towers' columns and spires are made up of vertical rows of digits which rise to the tops of the buildings, resembling windows lit up at night.
Abstract golden wires seamlessly looping 3d animation computer generated Filigree tracery

Filigree golden wires, enhanced by random lights, form a tracery of delicate geometric shapes, constantly in motion on a background of other darker patterns moving.
Golden bubbles  background cg modeling in max, rendered for High Definition Bubbling fudge and butterscotch

Golden pearly bubbles float upward from a creamy mass where a fudge and butterscotch spiral curls on itself.
Gleaming grids seamless looping 3d  backgrounds animation for video computer generated modeling NTSC PAL Hi Def Light grid layers

Gleaming grids of lights in blue and gold turn clockwise as the viewer drops down from one layer to the next.
Seamless looping 3d animation background for video computer generated modeling NTSC PAL Hi Def Space city approach by night

Translucent, vaguely rectangular blocks of blue and green flow above and below the viewer's flight through the center of the frame toward the night skyline of some extraterrestrial city, complete with an illusion of spaceship traffic.
high tech animation background cg modeling High-tech workspace

Flight through a high-tech, gleaming, bronze and green laboratory-studio which, dreamlike, shifts orientation at will: up is down and the vertical becomes the horizontal.
Blue electricity lights seamlesly looping in 3d animation background for hdtv Lights and rays

A pattern of circular motion of glowing tubes and lights against a background of violet, blue and green rays.
Glowing golden wires turn clockwise, forming hieroglyphic patterns 3d animation Golden hieroglyphics

Glowing golden wires turn clockwise, forming hieroglyphic patterns at the edge of the circle, while rays of light rise from their center to become patterned columns leaning outward.
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