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Multi-user Online 3D Virtual Reality Worlds Design

Founded in 1996 by one of Europe’s earliest practitioners of PC-based interactive 3D graphics -a.k.a. "PC-VR"- E-spaces is a pioneering and award-winning studio specialized in producing real-time rendered 3D graphics experiences -a.k.a. "virtual worlds"- for web-PCs and handheld electronic devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

As our legacy site documents we are a highly experienced world-class content creator of and for VR worlds. In that vein, we also program and implement VR shopping malls, virtual offices, virtual manuals, 3D equipment simulators, online multi-user promotional experiences, online multi-user interactive entertainment, 3D games etc.
Interactive oil and gas 3d model of location for lease operators training

Interactive oil and gas 3d model of location for lease operators training
Educational simulator:
Interactive 3d Animation of Oil and Gas Surface Equipment

Simulators of separators, compression unit, tank, pumping unit, meter runs, etc. were produced for training purposes lease operators. They are faithfully simulate the working of existing pieces of equipment used in petrochemical industries. Playable as a linear video as well as fully interactively and featuring animated liquid flows, gases and heating flames, the real-time rendering enables students to examine, explore and familiarize themselves with the working equipment and its processes from any angle during all its phases of operation. Virtual lessons with narrations and highly detailed descriptions of the processes are built-in.

Compression unit - compressor educational simulator. L-pud separator interactive animation for lease operators training

Virtual Real Estate For Business:
E-spaces' Premium Templates for Qwaq Forums

Virtual Office -- 3D Virtual Real Estate For Business. Qwaq, Second life, ActiveWorlds, Caneva

3D virtual conference hall --  multi user virtual world for business and education Qwaq, Second life, ActiveWorlds, Caneva

3D virtual hotel lobby --  multi user virtual world for business and education, Qwaq, Second life, ActiveWorlds, Caneva

E-spaces created Premium business environment Templates available for rent on the Qwaq Forums platform which provide enterprise-focused 3D virtual reality spaces enabling collaboration in ways impossible before.

  • Scalable Peer-to-Peer architecture for user Interactions.
  • Built-in wide area VoIP and text chat.
  • Built-in data encryption: all traffic between peers is encrypted to ensure privacy.
  • Option to have Qwaq Host or to Self-Host behind your firewall.
  • Open standards based: uses Croquet for platform and Python for scripting. Supports numerous document types for user import and export.

Drag and drop content import. Share Microsoft Office documents created with Word, PowerPoint and Excel; Adobe PDF files, images, and even 3-D content by dragging from local folders into a Qwaq Forums virtual workspace.

Qwaq's unique fine-grained sharing control lets multiple users edit a document or use an application GUI in an intuitive manner at the same time. All users see edits in real-time.

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virtual school - 3d virtual reality classroom template for rent. Qwaq, Second life, ActiveWorlds, Caneva 3D Virtual Reality School, Virtual Classroom for Education Qwaq, Second life, ActiveWorlds, Caneva

E-spaces Online VR Worlds Flagship Hightlights

Virtual reality of SimSalagrim

3D Virtual Meeting Room -- Virtual Reality Estate For Business


The SimsalaGrimm™ destination is the online part of the promotional efforts supporting the recent release on European broadcast TV -in cell-animation cartoon format- of 24 of the well-known Grimm Brothers' fairy tales.

Is is a unique virtual environment that provides its users with a chat opportunity, on-line games and entertainments as well as information background. The main goal of E-spaces was keeping the spirit of fairy tale world already existing in cartoon series. Accurately stylized graphic elements, simple but expressive character animation, thorough care about interface features helped to reach that goal.

virtual fairytale SimmSalagrim virtual reality of farytale SimSalagrim
virtual reality outdoor -- SimSalagrim virtual house Hans and greta of farytale SimSalagrim
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