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Logo Animation

Have This Hand Draw YOUR Logo

    View Logo Animation   

Imagine your logo being drawn by this 3D animated robotic hand or by any limb or extremity of any imaginable creature.. When completed, we can then make the 2D logo into an animated 3D spinning and flying logo.

WORLD OF PRAISE Station ID Logo Animation

Station ID Logo Animation

  Download Logo Animation - 5.8 Mb

Logo design and logo animation created for a TV station call.

Logo Animation for HDTV ad
NRG - 24/7 (2005)

Customer chose this variant:

  Download Logo Animation - 12 Mb

A few variants with different music:

Variant 2   Download - 12 Mb
Variant 3   Download - 12 Mb

Corporate Logo Animation

  Download Logo Animation - 4.2 Mb

This elaborate 25 seconds logo-unveiling and statement animation was used for the official opening of the Middle-East stock exchange, the 4th global stock exchange market of the world.

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