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Pro physical TV sets cost a billionaire's ransom.
Virtual sets save you a small fortune and make your sets look better to boot, now in HD too.
Custom Design 3D Virtual Sets in Standard and Hi Def Resolution

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We create realistic broadcast quality virtual sets, Multicamera, motion tracking, high definition. Our set designs range from broadcast green screen news rooms, to talk shows, and any other imaginable locations.

With our experience in integrating our sets into popular vr set systems, no matter what you use, green screen, blue screen or chroma key, our sets will be a solution for your virtual production needs.

For quality verification, take a look at our showreels and stills.

virtual news set E-spaces Virtual Sets Show Reel

  Download Animation (.wmv) - 10.4 Mb
  Download Animation (.mov) - 17.1 Mb


virtual news set Drive Videogame Reviews TV-show Highlights Reel

  Download Animation (.wmv) - 13.0 Mb
  Download Animation (.mov) - 12.9 Mb

Drive was a TV show way ahead of its time. It offered news and reviews about the latest videogames. The show was entirely done with virtual sets. Footage of the show host was shot in front of a green screen and composited into the numerous 3D environments custom-made just for this show. Each show ran for 8 to 15 minutes at a rate of 8 shows per month. The Drive show aired for 2 years.

Screenshots Highlighting Virtual Sets Made by E-spaces

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Christmas virtual news set 3d studio tv hdtv xmas Christmas Virtual Set
Virtual Set

Chrismas Virtual Set is a great standard background for Christmas and the whole winter holiday season. Available in HDTV and standard definition TV resolutions.

Will be available soon for online purchase and download from our online store.

Classic Virtual News Set Virtual News Set - NS02

Classic TV newsroom serves to update viewers on current events. Embedded video monitor(s) can show your own sources.

News Virtual Set Studio News Virtual Studio Set
World News -- A dynamic twist on classic TV newsrooms World News Vset - NS01

A dynamic twist on classic TV newsrooms, World News serves with excellence to update viewers on current events. Multiple embedded video monitors can show your own sources.

Global News Virtual Set Studio World News Virtual Studio
Classic Virtual News Set Virtual News Set - NS03

Keep your viewers updated on current events with our virtual TV newsroom set. Enables use of animated backgrounds. Available in different color schemes. Possibility to integrate your own logo into the set furniture.

News Virtual Set Studio News Virtual Studio Set

Virtual Set Corporate Conference Room Corporate Conference Room

Conference room set with a large corner display. Corporate logo placeholder on the wall behind the presenter and/or on a plaque beside the door.

Business Meeting Room Window in Conference Room
Fully-animated Digital Studio Electronic Environment with monitor for Presentation Digital Studio

Fully-animated, electronic environment complete with elevator door animation for talent reveal.

Cool Visual Pro Studio in Electric Blue Virtual Set Matrix Style Cool Visual Pro Studio Virtual Set

A warm and old-world style classic library Classic Library

Warm, old-world style environment. A hidden door animates to let talent enter.

A book in an old-world style classic library A warm and old-world style classic library
Future Metropolis, CG of a Urban Downtown Futuristic Metropolis

An entire future city in one. Awe-inspiring city appreciation flight terminates in a futuristic meeting room.

Modern computer classroom.This modern-day classroom includes a large rear-screen projector. This classroom also features ten Classroom

Modern-day classroom including a large rear-screen projector to help the instructor lecture while showcasing multimedia materials to the class. Ten "student" monitors to display a secondary video or presentation are included.


This high-tech hotel lobby includes soaring ceilings and can serve as a business or hotel lobby. Hi-tech Fancy Hotel Lobby

Soaring ceilings serve as a business or hotel lobby. The camera sweeps down from the upper floors to reveal your talent and monitor.

This impressive lecture hall showcases a large stage flanked by two video screens. Itís a perfect for educational or technical video. Lecture Hall

A large stage flanked by video screen provides a perfect set for educational or technical video presentations.

Click on each to enlarge
Matrix style dojo room for yoga lessons or other zen oriented shows Oriental Dojo

This dojo-like setting provides a serene, contemplative yet intense environment.



See the Full Catalog of E-spaces' 3D Virtual Sets

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